Monday, September 5, 2011


Get Refreshed, Restored, and Ready
A journey with the Master Trainer, Jesus!

Sept. 16-18 and Oct. 21-23

Horse Lovers Bunkhouse
Burwell, NE

Fri. 1:00-6:00 Sat. & Sun. 9:00-5:00
Trail Ride Sat. Evening & Church Service on Sun. Morning.

If you love horses and want to grow spiritually this retreat is for you!
Using a Bible Study by Beth Moore called: "The Promise of Security"

You do can bring a horse or lease one of ours.

Call Sherry @ 308-346-5663

More Details:
1. The last time we did a bible study on Slaying the Giants in our Lives. This time I bought a short Bible Study by Beth Moore called: "The Promise of Security". Today's women face all kinds of unrealistic expectations: look young, get ahead, have it all together etc... Some women feel trapped in chronic insecurity, but God wants us to be free from this "trap"and find our security in Him. Drawn from the Scriptures this little bible study by Beth Moore will inspire you to find the soul-deep security God longs for you to experience. "The Lord is your security. He will keep your foot from being caught in a trap." Proverbs 3:26

2. This is not a horsemanship clinic. We will NOT be focusing on developing our horsemanship but rather; while we are developing our horsemanship we will focus on how the things we are doing relate to our spiritual life. So don't come expecting to fix all the problems you have with your horse, or even addressing every one of them like I will try to do at horsemanship camp. This is about looking beyond the mere physical aspects of horsemanship (how do you get a horse to do this or that) into what can the horse teach us about ourselves and God. It is about observing analogies between the relationship we have with a horse and the relationship we have with our Savior Jesus Christ. It is about how we live our lives and who we are both as horsemen and children of the most High God. So if you just want to focus on developing your riding ability you may want to choose a different camp. I just don't want anyone to be mislead or disappointed.

3. Meals will not be provided. But we can share food and eat together as we fellowship.

4. Schedule:
We will start at 1:00 on Fri. ending around 6:00 Then supper and fellowship in the evening
We will start on Sat. at 9:00 am ending around 5:00 Then supper, fellowship, and trail ride for
those who wish in the evening
We will start on Sun. at 9:00 then you may go to church with me or not at 11:00. Then we will
begin again at 1:00-5:00.
If you need to leave a little earlier on Sun. or come a little later on Fri. that is up to you.
I am requesting that if you come you attend as much of all three days as possible in order to get
the full benefit.

5. Some people have asked me if they have to ride a horse or bring a horse. The answer to
both questions is no. It is up to you. And I do have horses for lease if you choose. $25/half day
and $50/full day which includes tack.

6. Some people have asked me if we are going to trail ride. Those who want to may do so on
Sat. evening.

7. Of course everyone wants to know the bottom line of the cost. I am doing this as a ministry, so my instruction is by free will donation. You can give me whatever you think it was worth to
you. However, there is a charge for the facilities as I must still pay my insurance, taxes, electric,
water and garbage bills. It will depend on how many come and how many nights you choose to
stay what your cost will be. Right now I have no clue how many people will come. The last time
the number of people coming changed every day right up until the day it began. So I can never
predict how many will show up. I wish I could, but I cannot. So no guarantees on the final cost
until it is all over. But you can figure an estimate by these rates.

Bunkhouse Rates
* Single person reserve the whole place $50/night
* Double the fun (2 people) $80/night
* Triple the fun (3 people) $90/night
* Four people $112/night
* Five or more people (double up in beds) $125/night
Tax in not included add 10.5%
Outdoor or Indoor Stalls.
* $10/night/horse
* Guided Trail rides are $20/hour for the group
* Lease Horse is $50/day or $25/for half day (includes tack)

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